To energize and expand our base over the next four years we need a bold platform that offers real solutions to people's problems.

To create a progressive future beyond neoliberalism we need a platform that can take back the U.S. White house and Congress, and base-build around the world. We need a global vision for politicians to run, win, and govern on. Our platform is designed to build global power by addressing the root causes of poverty and oppression

Many of the elements of our internationalist platform are familiar to progressives—including healthcare and voting rights for all, fair taxation, and a people and planet first budget. In addition to these familiar goals, the Justice Is Global platform highlights and advocates for two mission-critical goals that are less well understood:


Part 1: 


AddressIng immediate Suffering

A jobs program is the most effective way to build a base strong enough to take back power globally. Regardless of race and class, voters consistently rank “jobs and the economy” as their most important issue. A platform that forefronts public investment in well paying and stable jobs is a direct response to these concerns. Equally importantly, a jobs program can transform the political terrain by practically demonstrating the power of a progressive platform to address real people’s concerns. This will be highly favorable to all progressive priorities--including those not usually considered "economic," such as criminal justice reform and environmental protection.

Recently the U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus released a bold new infrastructure plan that would invest $2 trillion over 10 years, employing 2.5 million workers in its first year to rebuild our transportation, water, energy, and information systems. Proposals like these point towards the kind of massive public sector jobs creation we need. Learn more >

Part 2: 

Progressive Trade Agenda

Stopping the problem at ITS source 

In order to secure national victories and build global power we must address the root cause of suffering and economic decline--the global race to the bottom. We must build a just and sustainable global economy, in which the rich are no longer allowed to suppress wages and working conditions by threatening to reduce entire communities to poverty through divestment and capital flight. Only a bold progressive trade agenda can respond to the destructive effects of neoliberalism that have given rise to nationalism around the world. This trade agenda must include:

  • Global minimum wage system (based on living wage calculations specific to each country)

  • Core labor standards (as specified by the International Labor Organization)

  • Global standards governing corporate taxation

  • Global standards governing carbon emissions and other pollutants

To enforce these standards, we must ensure that our trade agreements create monitoring agencies. We can start by taking back the international court system by opening it to any resident, labor union, or NGO of a participating country that wishes to sue a multinational corporation for violating labor and trade standards. By combining progressive standards with democratic enforcement, our trade agenda will fundamentally transform the entire global economy and pave the way towards the world we need and deserve.

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